Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is one of the most commonly used spice (seeds) or herb (leaves). It is also called Cilatro in US and in India it is commonly known as Dhania in Hindi. In the western world Coriander is also know as Chinese parsley or Mexican parsley. The spice and/or herb are commonly used in world-wide cuisines. The seeds make up a major portion of most of the Indian mixed masalas, including but not limited to: Garam masala (North), Sambhar masala (South), Rasam masala (South), Goda masala (Maharashtra), etc. The herb or leaves are commonly used in India for garnishing, for preparing snack items and in chutneys. The leaves are normally eaten raw as they loose their flavor on heating, drying or upon long refrigeration.
In India, Coriander is believed to relieve bloating, and is also considered beneficial in diabetes management. Scientific proofs for these beliefs are now trickling in. Coriander has now been scientifically shown to relieve symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In diabetes management it has been shown that Coriander acts in a manner similar to insulin and also helps in the secretion of Insulin.
Compounds present in the fresh leaves, essential oil and aqueous infusions of Coriander have been shown to be anti-bacterial against wide range of bacteria. Coriander extract showed synergistic activity along with synthetic larvicides in killing the larvae of yellow fever mosquito.
Both the leaves and seeds have shown significant anti-oxidative potential. It is also important to know that Coriander may help removal of mercury from aqueous solutions. In case of lead poisoning, Coriander extract has shown the potential to suppress lead deposition.
WARNING: Coriander seeds were shown to prevent implantation of embryos in rats.
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