Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are small spherical and black, brown or yellow in color. The black seeds (Brassica nigra) are from the Middle East, the brown seeds (Brassica juncea) come from India, and the yellow mustards seeds (Brassica alba) come from the Mediterranean countries. Most Indian recipes use mustard seeds as the starting ingredient. They are added to hot oil and are ready when they start to crackle.
Mustard seeds have been found to have some anti-cancer and anti-oxidative properties.
Anti-diabetic properties of mustard seeds have been well documented.
A few papers have also been published to evaluate the cholesterol lowering effects of mustard seeds. These papers are significant because almost all Indian recipes containing coconut, a fruit high in saturated fats that elevate blood cholesterol levels, contain mustard seeds and curry leaves, both of which have been found to reduce cholesterol.
One of the most unusual properties of the mustard plant that has recently come into focus is its ability to decontaminate soil of heavy metals.

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