Turmeric Part 2

After I wrote my last blog entry, I realised that although I did a pretty good job of searching scientific proofs for what most Indians already knew, I did forgot to enumerate the various other uses of Turmeric. I will try and do so in this entry. Turmeric has had such a historical record and Indians make use of Turmeric so widely that we tend to forget the everyday uses.
Apart from the various medical uses already enlisted, Turmeric is also used to relieve sore throats and cough. Ask any Indian what is the one thing that their mom would give them when they would have throat complaints and the answer will be warm milk with about one teaspoon of turmeric and may be sugar. This drink taken just before bed time normally relives sore throat significantly by next morning.
Turmeric is considered so important that Indians offer it to their Gods and Godesses. This tradition must have started because turmeric is so helpful and good, that it would be considered a very pious offering.
Turmeric has also been used as insecticide and I have myself tried this on vegetable plants with some success. I did not see any insects for a day or two but they came back later. I have a feeling that if I had used the stronger turmeric solutions now available in market it would have worked better. I had just mixed up two teaspoons of turmeric with half gallon of water and used it on plants.
In India, Turmeric has been widely used to dye clothes. It will impart a bright yellow / orange shade. Remember, in my last entry, I did warn you to be careful when you eat your curry.
Now, I think I have enlisted all the uses that I know of Turmeric. But I am pretty sure that some of you readers might find a few more. If you do please let me know.

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Indu said...

Even one more thing i heard about termeric is , if you apply termeric regularly to your face, it may reduce the face hair growth. i dont know how much it is true.